That's why you have air coming out of vent because the blower motor works fine ( the resistor for that part isn't broke).

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This can be one of two things either the display has lost that ability, or the rear camera is not recognizing the lines, I would get a CAN scanner to run the body codes to see what's up. .


First pulled fuse 42 from engine bay, it was still good, waited 30 seconds to put it back.

Service bulletin 04-027 from honda. 2 Answers. C5 Corvette HVAC Display/Climate Control RepairDim or no light coming from your HVAC/climate control display? Worry no more.

One of the most critical steps to be performed is to check the operation of the automatic climate control.

. They run around 80. GMC Mechanic.

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The AV Control Unit controls the display and also sends the control signals from the A/C dials to the A/C Auto Amp to control the HVAC system.

BAR: Hope its not a BCM I think its just the display as it fizzled out on the way home yet all the functions work. See picture 1.

The climate control heats up the cabin to a nice 80 degrees for the first 30 minutes of driving, ambient temp 30-40 degrees, but probably in any cold temps. It will fix your problem.

Then it begins to pump in cold air through the.

The fuse inside is good.

Check pins B5 and B7.

Put key in and start the truck. Step 1. I've checked all of the fuses that I thought had anything to do with that section of the dash, so.

. When I adjust the temperature off of "max". The climate control system will recalibrate itself, but touching any controls can interrupt the process. The HVAC temp controls, radio, NAV are all dead. Hello all I have a cc display not working. Put key in and start the truck.

if all check out good.

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Thermostat is Off.


The HVAC climate control display isn't working.

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